About Vision Ooglaseren

In the opinion of Vision Ooglaseren, good eyesight is priceless. After all your eyes are extremely important. Vision Ooglaseren has the solution for anyone wishing to improve his or her eyesight – have your eyes treated by our outstanding specialists, using the latest eye laser techniques. Vision Ooglaseren is a well-established laser refractive surgery clinic, with over 10 years of experience. We are located in The Netherlands, in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. We combine the best quality of treatment with affordable rates. We also value personal attention above speed.


The Dutch Consumers Association (Consumentenbond) suggests consumers should go to a ZKN certified clinic with a NOG registered doctor (please refer to the article in the Consumentengids of February, 2015).Vision Ooglaseren is the only treatment center in Amsterdam with the ZKN quality mark (Zelfstandige Klinieken Nederland, Association of Independent Clinics in The Netherlands). The aim of the ZKN is to only certify clinics which offer a high level of quality.

Our doctors

Dr. Jose Ramón Villada

Dr. Jose Ramón Villada is specialized in performing cataract surgery (lens implants) and has performed over 15,000 cataract operations. In addition, Dr. Villada has performed more than 12,000 eye laser treatments and other types of refractive surgery.
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Dr. Javier Martínez de Aragón

Drs. Martínez de Aragón is a leading professional in the world of laser refractive surgery. By now he already has more than 30,000 laser eye treatments to his name. Since graduating Dr. Martínez de Aragón has worked for several prominent and reputable eye clinics.

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