Our laser eye treatments

You’re wearing glasses or contact lenses but they irritate you. Eye laser surgery is in development for more than 25 years and worldwide it has become very safe. Basically everyone who doesn’t want to wear glasses or contact lenses can profit of these developments.
Vision Ooglaseren only wants the best for your eyes and always uses the latest generation of eye lasers. This means that our ophthalmologists have state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment at their disposal to treat your eyes successfully. During the treatment, the ophthalmologist can see whether the desired result is achieved. Vision Ooglaseren is the only clinic with the ZKN quality mark (Zelfstandige Klinieken Nederland, Association of Independent Clinics in The Netherlands) which performs treatments in Amsterdam. The Dutch Consumers Association (Consumentenbond) also advises consumers to go to a ZKN certified clinic with a NOG registered doctor (please refer to the article in the Consumentengids of February, 2015).


TransPRK No-touch methode

The latest and most advanced laser eye surgery is the TransPRK method. With this method the eye is not touched by anything or anybody during treatment. Everything is performed completely by the laser itself and is 100% computer-controlled. The TransPRK consists of only one integral activity and does not involve any form of intersecting.
In just 30 seconds the treatment is finished, resulting to very quickly achieving correct vision.
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IntraLASIK Femtosecond

Naturally, only the safest eye laser treatment is good enough for your eyes. Therefore we use the Intralasik Femtosecond treatment method, which is recommended by many ophthalmologists. The Intralasik Femtosecond laser is fully computer-controlled, with proven results. And is of course operated by a renowned ophthalmologist.

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Lasek, or Laser Assisted Epithelial Keratomileusis, is a laser eye treatment whereby the upper layer of the cornea (epithelium) is shifted aside. This method is often applied when the eye is neither suitable for a Lasik treatment, nor for the IntraLasik Femtosecond method. The treatment is performed in case of a thin cornea, dry eyes, a low strength or a heightened risk of eye damage. This might be the case, for example, for people who play contact sports or who have a profession which might be dangerous to their eyes.
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Personalised Treatment

Personalised Treatment (PT)

The Personalised Treatment is an addition to the IntraLasik treatment or Lasek treatment. With the addition of the Personalised Treatment, not only your eye strength will be corrected, but all small imperfections as well. Every point in the eye gets its own value. This makes the treatment even more precise.
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Monovision reading glasses correction

The reading glasses correction is a good solution if you have trouble reading from a short distance. Focusing becomes more difficult and the small print becomes blurrier. This problem usually occurs from the age of 42 years.
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