Personalised Treatment

The Personalised Treatment is a personalised laser refractive surgery treatment for optimal sight results.

Laser refractive surgery: Personalised Treatment

oog1Our ophthalmologists and optometrists are huge advocates of the Personalised Treatment method. With this treatment we will take your eye’s characteristics into account. Using the data collected from the extensive eye scan, we will setup a treatment plan based on the specific imperfections in your eye.

What is the difference with the “normal” IntraLasik Femtosecond treatment?

The IntraLasik Femtosecond method is a safe method which usually yields very good results. Nevertheless, we often advise people to take the Personalised Treatment as well. For many patients the Personalised Treatment gives better eye sight results.

With a Personalised Treatment not only your prescription will be corrected, as with the IntraLasik Femtosecond, but all other small imperfections will be addressed as well. This will give you optimal sight results. The Personalised Treatment is also used when you have relatively large eye pupils. Another advantage of this treatment is that it can fully cure or prevent night blindness.

Procedure of the Personalised Treatment

Step 1 – Eye measurements

Using the Zyoptix technology, a complete personal profile of your vision is made. In the first step, measurements are made using the Zyoptix technology. These measurements are taken during the extensive preliminary examination. The Zyoptix measurements determine the characteristics of your eyes. In addition, the system creates a three-dimensional view of the imperfections of your vision. Based on the results of these tests, a special treatment procedure is designed for you.

Step 2 – Laser refractive surgery

customvue1In the second step of the treatment the IntraLasik Femtosecond technology is used. Using the Femtosecond laser, a little flap in the cornea is made. We do not use a microsurgical blade for this. The IntraLasik Femtosecond method yields the best results and is both the safest and least painful method. Once the little flap has been made, your prescription is corrected with the Technolas 217P. As a personalised addition, we can also perform the Personalised Treatment . The Personalised Treatment can be chosen in combination with the IntraLasik Femtosecond treatment or the Lasek treatment.

Costs of the Personalised Treatment

The costs of the Personalised Treatment amount to € 200 per eye, on top of the costs of the IntraLasik Femtosecond laser eye treatment. Our specialists can advise the Personalised Treatment on the basis of the results of the extensive preliminary examination. The Personalised Treatment can be performed in combination with the IntraLasik Femtosecond treatment or the Lasek treatment.

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