What is a TransPRK treatment?

This is a new, reliable method with very little chance of complications. This treatment will help to correct your refractive eye disorder, so you can see clearly again, without any visual aids such as lenses or glasses. Do you want to know if you are suitable for laser eye surgery? Then we recommend you to book an intake. You will get certainty if your eyes are suitable for surgery and we’ll tell you everything you want to know as well as answer all of your questions.

TransPRK (no-touch methode) step by step

TransPRK step 1

Step 1: Eye drops

Numbing the eye

TransPRK step 2

Step 2: Preparation

Removing epithelium

TransPRK step 3

Step 3: Eye Laser treatment

The treatment takes 30 secondes for each eye

TransPRK step 4

Step 4: Recovery

Contact lens

Personalised Treatment

The Personalised Treatment is a personalised laser refractive surgery treatment for optimal sight results. Our ophthalmologists and optometrists are huge advocates of the Personalised Treatment method. With this treatment we will take your eye’s characteristics into account. Using the data collected from the extensive eye scan, we will setup a treatment plan based on the specific imperfections in your eye.

What is the difference with the “normal” Lasek treatment?

The TransPRK method is a safe method which usually yields very good results. Nevertheless we advise you to take the Personalised Treatment as well. This is because patients usually gain better eye sight results with the TransPRK method and the Personalised Treatment together than with the TransPRK method alone. We will take a “finger print” of your eyes to detect any small imperfections and aberrations in your eyes.

By correcting these imperfections during surgery, even better results can be achieved. The Personalised Treatment will in most cases also enhance tissue retention of the cornea. During the extensive preliminary examination, our medical team will decide whether the Personalised Treatment will provide added value for you, and whether it will give you a better eye sight after your laser refractive surgery.